October 16, 2019

App Of The Day Returns

After sitting in a room last week, where someone said to me, “OMG, look at all your Chrome extensions” and my response being “all of those extensions have a use” and then proceeding to walk them through the extensions and their use I decided that I would revive the appoftheday.org blog because there seemed to be interest.

My app exploration expands far beyond Chrome extensions, although a lot of what I do today is in the browser so I have come to love and rely on browser-based tooling like Google Docs, Google Colab, Codeanywhere, JSFiddle, Repl.it, Grammarly, and so many others. These web-based applications and desktop applications like Remote Desktop Manager by Devolutions and mobile/multi-platform applications like Telegram and Pulse SMS are all applications I plan to review and share my thoughts on in detail on this blog.

To get things started I thought I would share a Chrome extension called “Text Blaze”. Text Blaze allows me to create shortcuts or text expanders for commonly used text. For example “/sig” produces my signature, “/ce” produces my corporate email address, “/pe” produces my personal email address, “/shrug” produced my favorite ASCII emoji ¯\_(ツ)_/¯, etc, etc, etc. With my corporate email address being 37 characters this is an invaluable productivity tool.

I hope to share an application and my thoughts at least once a week. I hope you will follow along.

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